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Flexible Water Storage Tanks for Fire Protection

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Our flexible products have been selected to meet our customers' needs by their price quality and speed of implementation faced rigid solutions.

Here, there is little civil engineering other than the frost protection of the pipes and the creation of the platform to accommodate the flexible fire tank. Our flexible fire tank fire-fighting is fast and easy to install.

"The tarpaulin is a fast and reliable economical way to stay in compliance with fire standards demanded by the SDIS." The flexible fire tanks are of superior quality and have the advantage of adapting to all types of configuration. installation, fast delivery, efficient after-sales service we highly recommend Rainbow.

Flexible Water Storage Tanks for Fire Protection

Good water management and its preservation represent today a major economic and environmental stake. Fire Protection flexible bladders are the ideal solution for easily providing temporary or long-term water storage.

The closed flexible tank is used for on-site water storage, fire storage, rainwater harvesting, industrial or agricultural cleaning, and drilling water supply. The flexible tank is also used for feeding ponds or pools, cleaning vehicles, irrigation and watering green spaces ...

The flexible storage tank is made from an elastomer or plastomer material depending on the application. It is a reliable, economical, ecological and sustainable solution. The range of tanks ranges from 1m3 to 1000m3 with the possibility of custom manufacturing.

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