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Collapsible rainwater barrel

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Collapsible rainwater barrel is perfect to store the water in the tank for later use. With the collected rainwater you can wash your car, bike or pet.we make it by high-quality PVC, it is UV-resistant as well as corrosion-resistant and guarantees a long life. In addition, each input and output was equipped with a mains filter. Therefore, the water inside the tank is effectively cleaned.

All necessary accessories were packed together, including a PVC tarpaulin, a water tap with filter, an overflow valve, a garden hose and an overflow hose. Assemble is very simple.

Portable rain barrel with many sizes

We supply collapsible compressible rainwater barrels for many years,which is an environmentally friendly product,you can choose collapsible rainwater barrel to collect runoff water from your downspout that you can use to water your garden or potted plants.the barrel folds flat for easy storage at the end of the season.

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