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9 Common Types of Water Storage Tanks and How They’re Used

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Have you ever wondered the best way to store water? If you have, you've come to the right place.Water storage may not be as simple as you think.There are certain types of tanks that are better suited for certain kinds of water.You especially don't want to store drinking water in containers that could make the water unsafe.So what types of water storage tanks are there on the market and what are they used for? Here's information about ten of them.

1.Underground Fiberglass Tanks Water Storage Tanks

These underground storage tanks are made of fiberglass, which is a non-corrosive material.They are versatile, so it's no surprise that many business industries use them regularly.Submersible tanks are perfect when saving space is important.They allow for the storage of large volumes of water while leaving room for other needs in buildings or on the grounds.Some uses for in-ground fiberglass tanks include holding potable water, waste water and stormwater.

2.Carbon Welded Steel Tanks

Storage tanks made of carbon-welded steel are strong and durable, but they don't have the same chance of Lyme disease leaching as concrete.This tank is versatile in both construction and use.Choose from stainless steel or galvanized steel tanks.And use them for firefighting, drinking water, wastewater, etc.Carbon welded steel tanks come with an interior coating specific to what you intend to use the tank for.Before purchasing one of these tanks, make sure you are getting the correct coating.

3.Pillow Tanks

If you need a truly versatile tank, check out pillow tanks.They hold a lot of water, but you can also take them with you! They may have a funny name,but they do the job quite nicely.There are many benefits to using a pillow tank.These tanks are less expensive than other types, can hold potable or wastewater, can be easily set up by one person, and they’re customizable.Whatever size of tank you need, a pillow tank could be the right fit for you.From 500 to 20,000 gallons, you’ll have the water you need, where you need it.

4.Folding Tanks

Folding tanks offer another portable water storage option.These tanks are easy to set up and take down and are great for areas where it’s difficult to keep water in supply.The great thing about these tanks is that they can be easily transported to almost any type of area.This is because they collapse down to be much smaller.This makes them helpful on remote farms, and in firefighting situations.

5.Bolted Steel Tanks

These tanks are not for the faint of heart.They can hold large amounts of water. While some tanks will never be used to hold 150,000 gallons, this is where these tanks start.Do you need to store millions of gallons of water? These tanks will have no problem.The bolted steel tanks are completely waterproof and can be used to store a number of different liquids, including water.

6.Polyethylene Tanks

These "plastic" tanks are great for those on a tight budget but don't need something big.Due to their small size, they are easy to move.Rainwater harvesting is a common use for such tanks.Home water storage is another matter.Polyethylene tanks are dark in color. This blocks sunlight so algae cannot grow

7.Corrugated Steel Tank

Corrugated steel tanks offer an option that will last.They’re great alternatives to concrete if you don’t want to go that route.This type of tank comes in just about any size, from a few hundred gallons to a couple million. And they can be used for just about anything. They’re often used for potable, fire, waste, irrigation, and stormwater.

8.Above Ground Fiberglass Storage Tanks

These tanks fall in the middle range of some of the tanks we’ve highlighted here.They may not hold millions of gallons, but they do exactly what they’re needed to do.Aboveground fiberglass tanks are for storing caustic water.This includes waste, potable, and rainwater storage.If you need storage for liquids other than water, these tanks work for that, too.

9.Stainless Steel Water Storage Tanks

Stainless steel offers yet another versatile option for storing water.But they’re not just used for water.From winemaking to breweries, to the dairy and chocolate industries, stainless steel provides a great storage container.On the water end of things, it can be used for whatever your needs are, including drinking water, thanks to the safety provided by stainless steel.


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