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60 Pillow-shaped PVC Water Bladder Of 200 Liters Delivered To Germany

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We delivered 60 pillow-shaped PVC water bladder of 200 liters to Germany today. Mr.Thomas is from Germany,the customer often chooses TNT delivery because he think TNT is quickly and safety. This is the second order from his company in 2019.

pillow pvc ballast water bladder

Mr.Thomas was one of  our old customers since 2015, they usually purchase some small capacity water bladders, such as 50 liter, 150 liter and 200 liter. They are a big company and need a lot of water bladders every year. These pillow-shaped PVC water bladder are distribute to his clients, who use the filled water bladder to ballast tents.

Water bladders are used to ballast tents or bridges is a new use of PVC water bags.As we known that many customers have begun to choose water bladders instead of sand bags or use stones to ballast tents.

We are also actively contacting Mr.Thomas and hoping to get some pictures of the water bag ballast tent now,we will share them with you once we get pictures.


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