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20liter collapsible jerry can for airplane and car

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20liter collapsible jerry can is a kind of fuel carrying container bonded by oil-proof rubberized fabric mainly used for carrying and filling gasoline, diesel oil and jet fuel.

The material is flame retardant,its advantages is light in weight, collapsible, wear-proof, shock-proof, environmental adaptable, anti-static electricity,convenient to carry and easy to use, etc.

Technical data of 20liter jerry can portable

Filling fuel into portable fuel bag is quite easy and normal fuel truck nozzle can be used directly.

Collapsible petrol can has small size and thus is convenient to carry. Filling fuel to vehicles with petrol can is easy and safe to handle. This kind of jerry can also be used for diesel,gasoline,avgas and other oil.

portable fuel bag 20liter keystar

We are manufacturer of collapsible portable folding fuel bladder 20L in China,warranty is 2 years.we supply it with large quantity to Chinese army,Police,Armed Police for 11 years,involving most of Alaska and other oversea market,so we hope to become your long term partner in China.

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