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20 Pieces Of 9600 Liters Square Water Bladder Will Ship To American Tomorrow

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Thanks our customer Mr.Peter for trusting us firstly.

We will ship 20 pieces of 9600 liters square pvc water bladder to Qingdao Port tomorrow. The destination of our water bladder is Connecticut, American.

He was looking for for 11,000 liter or 3,000 pvc rainwater pillow tank when Peter sent inquiry to us at first time. After several times conmunication, he confirmed that he need square pvc water bladders with capacity of 9600 liters for rainwater collection and reuse again.  Here is some detailed information of the 20 pieces square water bladders he need: 

Size: Length: 3.00m, Width: 2.13m, Height: 1.50m

Color: Military green 

Material: PVC tarpaulin

Material thickness: 0.90mm

9600 liters square water bladder

We really need to learn from our customers. Many of them use PVC water bags to collect rainwater.They do highly valued water resources and use water recycling, which is a very environmentally friendly and water-saving.

Collapsible water bladders are helpful in a variety of situations. If you are working on rainwater collection, water storage, and if you are consider investing in a portable water bladder tank to make your water storage quicker, easier, and more cost-effective. Please feel free to contact us. We are glad to help and offer advice. Email:


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