Fuel Bag 7liter In Stock

we always export fuel bag 7liter with large quantity,so we have some fuel bag 7liter in stock,small foldable size and save space,inexpensive and very portable are all its advantage.


fuel bag 7liter in stock

Brief introduction of fuel bag 7liter in stock:

fuel bag 7liter is one kind of new foldable fuel container for motorcycles,we make it by thermoplastic polyurethane,which is oil-resistant, anti-static, anti-corrosive, tasteless, leak-proof

Product description of fuel bag 7liter:

Item name:fuel bag 7liter

Product No.:KSD-013


Net Weight:about 0.80kgs

Color:dark green

Features of fuel bag 7liter:

1.Collapsible fuel bag

2.Small gas carrier when they ran out of gas on the highway

3.Store it mostly cardboard container under seat

4.Fuel funnel can bend to refuel

5.inexpensive, very portable

6.Warranty is 2 years

7.Lifespan of fuel bag 7liter is 3 to 5 years

Service after sales of fuel bag 7liter:

Supply fuel bag 7liter in free againFuel Bag 7liter In Stock.JPG

You can send inquiry to us if you are an owner of company specializing in products related to motorcycles and off road vehicles.and you are looking to expand your product line,the portable fuel bag 7liter can meet your requirement.

Please send e-mail to Ms.Sonia:sonia@softliquidtank.com 

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