4X4 Water Storage Bladders Water Bladders 4x4 SUV For Sale

4X4 water storage bladders is suitable for 4X4 SUV/4WD only,it is perfect for a couples long weekend away and those who travel on desert no water source,it can can be easily folded,transported & relocated anywhere


4X4 water storage bladders water bladders 4x4 SUV for sale

4X4 Water Storage Bladders Water Bladders 4x4 SUV For Sale.png

Product details of 4X4 water storage bladders

Item name:4X4 water storage bladders water bladders 4x4 SUV

Model No.:KSD-010

Material:food grade material

Lay flat size:1400mm x 500mm

Bladder volume:60liter(16.00gal.)  

Fitting on each bladder:inlet 38mm,outlet 13mm with water hose 2.00m

Features of 4X4 water storage bladders

*Suitable for most 4WD and SUV on the market

*Carry up to 60liter of drinking water

*Made from potable material(safety for drinking and taste free)

*Comply with international standard for material in contact with water

*Eyelets can be used to fix water bladder on 4X4 SUV/4WD

Photo show of 4X4 water storage bladders

4X4 Water Storage Bladders Water Bladders 4x4 SUV For Sale.jpg  4X4 Water Storage Bladders Water Bladders 4x4 SUV For Sale.jpg

Specification of 4X4 water storage bladders

*Made out of flexible food grade material that is incredibly strong material

*Portable and easy to carry fully collapsible

*Can be easily folded,transported & relocated anywhere;

*Easy to operate-it is quick to set up and requires no fixing tools

*Space space and no leaking 

*Compact fold for easy storage

*Environmentally friendly products, easy to degrade

*No pollution to water or other liquids stored in it.

Important tips of 4X4 water storage bladders

DO NOT fill water too full

DO NOT roll up filled water bladder

DO NOT store hot water to clean your bladder

DO NOT use solvent,acetone or abrasive material

DO NOT store any form of fuel,solvent or sewage

DO NOT put heavy articles on filled water bladder


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