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We produce many series flexible tanks with environmental friendly material which are used widely in agriculture,large project,construction site,transformer station,farm and garden.the reason that most customer use them because they can be collapsible,save space,light in weight and convenient carrying when tanks are empty.our mainly products contain collapsible non-potable and drinking water tank,flexiable portable jerry can 7& 20liter,foldable pillow fuel bladder,collapsible rainwater barrel and folding frame portable fish pond.we also agent swimming pool and related products because most of customers always inquiry us and buy them from us,so we hope we can make friends and do more business with each other in the future.

Xi'An MaiJieKe Green Liquid Tank Co.,Ltd.

Collapsible bladder tanks are specially designed for temporary storage water,fuel,chemical and other liquids.bladders shell material rovides mechanical strength,UV and weather resisitance,leaking proofing and operability in the wide of climate condition,especially under harsh climate.


our product ranges as following: 1.large potable drinking water storage bladder tank 2.China 4X4/SUV/4WD water flexitanks water bladder3.collapsible rainwater collection storage bladder tank barrels4.portable fuel tank foldable fuel cell aircraft tanks boat gas tanks 7& 20liter5.collapsible pillow transformer oil diesel petrol bladder storage tank6.inflatable and frame swimming pools for adults above ground pool for familyCollapsible bladder tanks have many advantage comparing to steel and solid plastic container.the tanks can be used in a wide range,on large project,site,farm,garden and your business location whatever paved and unpaved road.

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We always supply all kinds of collapsible water tank and fuel bladder to customers,they ar